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As beeing a leading distributor of high quality Silicone and rubber products, we are able to  advise and assist you in your choice of quality and design. With experience from our own production, together with our design and technology department, we are helping you to fulfill your requirements with your choice of materials.

From drawing to finished product with almost no limitations regarding color and hardness.

Please consult us and we will support you in the development of your products.


Only being a phone call away, or reach us via email where we will get back to you within a short time. Our ambition is to always give feed back quickly as we understand that your time is important while waiting to be able to make quick decisions with your purchases.


The natural choice of Squeegee material for your scrubber drier!






If you having issues with your gaskets, hoses, seals or require a premium material for your products then you are in safe hands.

We supply the industry with advanced materials for the most demanding applications. Our range of materials covers the most comment existing polymer materials known on the market.


Creative ideas

With our know how and ideas, we can assist you with solutions and design for your applications.



With many years of experience in manufacturing, with a history from the rubber industry and with our product development, we have taken a leap forward developing new quality polymers. 



With LEBO you will get a professional advice in your choice of quality, hardness and design to meet your demands.

LEBO Silicone Profiles extrusions gaskets moldings
Squeegee Nanorade assembly
Gaskets silicone o-rings molded Viton