Is our next generation of premium Polyurethane.

When oil resistance is required there is no better material to use than Polyurethane.

With the "NANO" feel surface you will get the same benefits with POLYRADE® that you find with the known material Nanorade.

Low friction, dirt repellent, improved water pick up and longer life time vs other common Polyurethane materials available in the market.

With POLYRADE® we can customize color and hardness almost with no limitations.

The best choice of squeegee material for your scrubber drier in industrial applications with oily and greasy floor surfaces.

With long life performance and great tear-, wear resistance you will notice the difference.

POLYRADE® can be produced as molded squeegees, as sandwich construction with different hardness and colors, flat smooth surface or with grooves to be used as front squeegee without any U-channel.