Silicone Properties and Applications:


  • Heat and Cold, Silicones withstand a very wide range of temperatures of up to 300 degree Celsius, with cold still flexible down to -50 C, special grades even down to -100 C.


  • Flame retardant grades, UL 94 V0


  • Low smoke, low toxicity, EN 45545-2, NFPA-130


  • FDA approved for food use, WRAS approved for drinking water.


  • High tear and elongation (800%)


  • Aging resistant, Silicones are appreciated for their resistance to UV-light, ozone, radiation, chemicals, microbial and other environmental influences.


  • Water-repellent, Silicones are exceptional: it enable water-repellency and at the same time allow breathability.


  • Silicone is used as: Door seals, Electronic enclosure seals, LED gaskets, Oven gaskets, Vibration dampening, Medical equipment, Mass transit such aircrafts and trains, Personal care products, Construction and architecture, Kitchenware, Paints and coating, Sport goods and apparel with others.
Silicone Sheeting Silikon duk



Solid hardness 30-80sh A


Standard colors are translucent, red (riox) and black.

Other colors are available on request.


Thicknesses from 0.3mm to 12mm as standard, other thicknesses are made on request. FDA, USP classed grades, high temperature grades, special grades for vacuum presses with high tear strength and elongation.


Peroxide cured as well as platinum cured materials are available.


Soft cellular silicone sheeting with sponge densities from 150kg/m³ to 600kg/m³


Customized  products where tooling is required are offered on request with short lead times.

Extruded Profiles


Extruded profiles has almost no limits.  Choose from standard profiles or tailor made according to your requirements and specifications.


Inflatable seals, jointed rings, cords are just a few examples of extruded silicone.


Solid hardness’s from 30sh A to 80sh and sponge/cellular profiles with different densities.


All available in different colors.


Molded Silicone products are made according to your drawings and specifications.



Tubes and hoses in silicone such as reinforced coolant and heater hoses, unarmed standard tubes or peristaltic pump tubing in different sizes.

Medical grades as well as clean room-made peroxide and platinum cured grades.


Customized hoses are available on request.