As a global leader in production of squeegees for scrubber driers, we are supporting the OEMs worldwide. This of course requires a modern technique in production equipment and a high knowledge in polymer development. There is a large selection of different materials to use but it all depends on what you as a customer are requiring.

At LEBO you will find the common materials used on the market but also tailor made materials for the best performing choice to your machine.

Nanorade® is the high-end premium material made of Latex.

POLYRADE® when oil resistance is a requirement.

EPDM, Gum rubber, Para rubber, Linatex®, Linard®, NR, TPU and PU together with some alternative materials kept in stock. Thicknesses between

1-15mm in different hardness’s, flexibilities and colors.

We are supplying squeegees to leading OEMs globally from our production sites in Sweden and Philadelphia. Stock keeping service in Shanghai and Philadelphia to secure on time deliveries.


Latex often referred to as Gum Rubber, Linatex®, Linard®, or look alike.


Latex made rubber makes a great choice using as squeegees thanks to its wear resistance, tear resistance and excellent water pick up. During the mixing process of the compound, certain additives are put in to make the material become a priceworthy option.



Premium squeegee material


Nanorade® is produced in many different colors and with its low friction and great wear resistance, this is most often the best choice there is. Hardness 35sh and 60sh is standard.

Independent laboratory tests as well as field tests, proves that Nanorade® gives a longer lifetime, better water pick up and together with its low friction it saves both water and energy.

Overall, these unique properties make Nanorade® the optimal material for a squeegee


New squeegees used being a high performing red premium material well known in the marketplace.

Dirty water still kept on surface since sealing to the floor is poor.

Same machine, same condition setup but using NANORADE® squeegees.

No water left on a clean floor after just one lap.

Vacuum kept in suction foot even with the ruff floor surface.



"We were about to change the brand of the machine since we didn’t think it was doing the job. We did try to adjust the water flow to get a better performance but nothing we did made any difference. The reseller spent hours and hours with adjustments and our staff who operates the scrubber on a daily basis were doing their own adjustments to try to get a clean floor result.

It was amazing to see that just using a different setup of the squeegees made this huge difference on the cleaning results.

Now we will keep the scrubber and just wish for the manufacturer to have the Nanorade squeegees as a sparepart option.

Now everybody loves to drive the ride on machine and see the result of the clean floor, with using a lower water flow.

We are now able to get the machine last longer every shift. The low friction to the floor makes the battery last longer and we become more effective with our cleaning. Thanks to Nanorade".


- Harry / Sweden -


Premium Oil resitant material


POLYRADE® is our premium Polyurethane material as complement to our Nanorade. Together we have the best performing squeegee material available in the market place regardless if its need to be used in oily condition or with smooth floor types. Hardness between 30sh A up to 95sh A in colors to be chosen with your RAL code.