Molded Parts



The wide range of molded products offered by LEBO can usually satisfy even the most demanding of application requirements. In some cases, though,

a custom-designed component is the best solution.

We frequently work with customers engineering teams to develop the optimum design for their applications in our engineered molded rubber products, advanced elastomer, custom molded rubber parts.

Molded Silicone


Made in standard silicone or any special required quality. Clean room manufacturing. For application where high temperature is used or often within medical applications.

We offer many different colors and hardness, high temp. silicone, 

FDA approved and USP class silicone to meet your demand.

Molded Rubber Parts


Custom made rubber parts in many different standard polymers where application will give the best option of polymer to use. Vibrations damper, gaskets, hose connectors are just a few of the products we support.