Die Cutting



In our factory, we perform die cutting and prepare other customized gaskets. From samples and prototypes made without tools, to serial production of various gaskets and sealings. We have the possibility to slice sheeting materials to different specific thicknesses with very

precise tolerances. Solid polymers as well as cellular sheeting and with many different customized materials.



With various presses for small to large series, huge or small gaskets, with or without adhesive and with tools made to be as most cost efficient for each item produced.

CNC cutting


A perfect choice during the development of a tailor made gasket where no tool is required. Quick service with samples and prototypes to secure the right shape before die cutting. A great alternative for low series production.



Tailor made products and assembling. Sewing is one service we offer our customer when needed. With powerful sewing machines, we joint materials up to 25mm thick.