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By high quality we are not just saying that our products meet your specifications but also that we live up to on time deliveries, service and technical support that any customer expects it to be. We have solved most critical issues and many ideas became real according to our customer’s request. Our products is not seen everywhere but trust us, they are closer to you than you think.




Although LEBO was first founded in 2003, our history began in the 1970s.

In comparison, we are a young company but we do have a long history of producing and supplying high quality silicone products. With our knowledge and expertise of different polymers, we have been supporting our customer’s for close to 40 years. Always with the goal to supply the market with specialties of high quality polymers where focus never been on mass production. To meet our customer’s high expectations and demands, we never compromise with the quality of our products.




Dagens industri, Gasell Award.

Lebo become one of the Gasell awarded companies.

With the goal just to fulfill our business plan, we received this award as a receipt of our hard work and high ambitions.  

Nevertheless we continued with our business plan with future development and we are now a leading supplier of many special polymer products such as Nanorade.


Nanorade is Awarded.

Our material Nanorade is awarded for being a game changer. With its key features the

scrubber driers becomes more efficient. With less water and energy needed for the scrubbers, this is the best choice and not just for the performance but for the environment.


Preferred Converter

We are one of Rogers Corporation a so-called preferred converter where we support the market with products such as Poron and Bisco materials.

A good recognition of high quality products suitable in our portfolio.


Member of ISSA

LEBO is a member of the organization ISSA.

ISSA is the only organization representing the entire

cleaning industry worldwide.


ISSA member Lebo Production AB

The expectations with LEBO are always high and over time we have been able to prove that we fulfill them










Many ideas has passed through LEBO and with our support and knowledge of material within our team, we have made ideas into reality.

With customers in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, aircraft and mass transit, automotive with others, we are available with our products to meet your high expectations.

Gaskets silicone viton poron bisco