Now we will lead it.

Nanorade is the difference between wet and dry

Less Friction

Customize color

and design

Better result,

-less energy

Improved water pick up

Longer life





Nanorade® is a natural rubber material made from Latex compound with additives to be used as a squeegee material with the functions needed for it its application. The unique formula and method of production give Nanorade® the benefits and

leading position over all other common rubber materials used for squeegees.

Regardless of it is a window squeegee or used with a scrubber drier, Nanorade® perform the best ever seen against all competition.

Nanorade® comes in two different hardness as standard, 35sh A and 60sh A.

The 35sh A material most often used as a rear squeegee where contact to the floor surface is most important

and the modulus of the Nanorade® gives the best flexibility to even or uneven floor surfaces.

Used on tile floors, Nanorade keeps the vacuum in the squeegee assembly even due to all gaps in between the tiles.


The 60sh material is most often used as a front squeegee where stiffness to keep the correct level of the squeegee assembly is more important.

Nanorade®, regardless of the hardness, is developed and produced to have the best wear resistance to ensure a long lifetime for the squeegees.


The NANO function in the mateiral has many benefits:


  • Lower friction to the surface of the floor saves energy and reduces the noise.
  • Allows the machine longer running times between recharging.
  • Water flow: The water repellant surface gives the vacuum easier water pickup and by the end lower consumption of energy.
  • Using less water is no longer an issue since Nanorade® seals to the floor regardless and with its low friction, there is no need to add more energy to run and be able to lower the water consumption.
  • Dirt repellent: Since the dirt doesn’t stick to the Nanorade® surface you will experience a more hygiene and easier handling when replacing the squeegees.

By choosing Nanorade® for your scrubber drier, you will increase runtime for each cycle and reduce the water amount.

Longer life performance, improved water pick up, less energy, NANORADE® IS THE NATURAL CHOICE